Bio + Artist Statement

Jo De La Cruz

Jo De La Cruz - Songwriter, composition student and visual artist.

I'm studying Music Composition for Film, TV and Games through Berklee Online's bachelor degree program.
My first EP ‘Doves’ is out and available online. ‘Doves’ is a five song mix of post-punk goth rock with  lyrics influenced by comic book characters and graphic novels. The music is inspired by analog synth sounds from the 80’s with 90’s desert-rock style guitars and prog rock keys from the 70’s.

My music connects me to the creative spirit of the universe and helps me feel high and at peace. I write my music because it gives me purpose and helps me heal. I aspire to write and compose for video games in the hopes that I can share the thrilling high and sense of purpose my music gives me with others.

I approach writing music by listening for the creative spirit in my environment, in media, or in myself. Sometimes nature whispers some sounds like the rhythm of the rain, sometimes it’s the way a certain scene in a film looks that sparks music in my head, and sometimes the music just starts playing from emotional memories. With my guitar in hand, each piece begins by replicating whatever few sounds are in my head until I start hearing or feeling the rest of the song start forming, and then I press record. The lyrics come from the pictures I see in my mind when I’m listening back to the song or the emotion I feel when I’m playing. After the bones of the song are laid out I start dressing it up with synths and theremin to give the song more body and make it sound fuller - coloring an aura around the main riff or lyrical message that comes to me.

Currently, I’m working on my second EP ‘CROWS’ where I am spending more time crafting lyrics and sounds that make a more emotional impact than my first EP. I’m attempting to create a collection of Goth Rock songs that will make people dance, and has a more “radio friendly” sound. CROWS is going to be a more polished collection of tracks, but still have the same raw and organic feel that the rest of my music has - I just want to step away from the punk-rock and black metal quality my past music has had. This EP will be the midpoint of my three EP endeavour to create a varied portfolio of my work, with the intent of catching the attention of game developers while building a community that relates to my music.

Let’s stay connected. Find me on Soundcloud, Instagram and Snapchat.